Thursday, August 10, 2006

Walking Through Affliction

Finally, free to write on-line again. I am done being a student for the rest of the summer.

My emotions are out-of-sorts with no more deadlines to meet mixed with a relief of being free to rest.

The strange thing I have discovered is I like having deadlines to meet because than there is no stopping until you are done! It is stopping that is hard.

A few thoughts from my essay on Walking Through Affliction:

Trials are comparable to bouncing off a trampoline. Life goes on with a continual bounce, deliberate and smooth. Sometimes the bounce will be high and sometimes it will encompass different rhythmic bounces throughout a season. There is, however, a knowing which we tend to avoid thinking about. If you spring up too high or sway too far to one side, there is a probability of soaring off completely and landing head-over-heels into misery.

As you hit the new affliction, many circumstances will follow that make it hard to get back up, causing immense loneliness and despair with no hope to be established. It is in this place of deep wounded-ness and trying to put pieces of life back together that God will whisper into the depth of your soul if you are responsive to His influence. It is here that you enter the discipline of adversity, learning to trust and to lean solely upon the Lord. Trusting that He is with you and will come along side, taking hold of the hardships that are caused by affliction.

Begin Again

Around a moment
stolen from time
all music stopped.

Darkness filled the soul
with an unnatural stillness
that echoed
in hopelessness.

not comprehending
how to move forward,
a new tune began to play.

Trust was the title,
having a rhythm
filled with hope.

If only the soul could hear,
if only the soul would receive,
Love could guarantee a way.

Soft words
with luring whispers
poured forth
from Trust’s verses.

Step out…trust Me to lead.
Step out…trust Me to heal.
Step out…trust Me to bring
a new way.
With fear,
and anger looking on
the soul stepped into
Trust’s new tune.

Learning a new rhythm
found in Love’s healing music,
the soul begins
to move forward
in life again.

Robin Sloboda, August 6, 2006

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