Thursday, May 11, 2006

Slowly Working Through the Book of John

I am going to try working slowly through the book of John over the summer. Here are a few gleanings from my journal:

1. vs 1-2 God is the beginning of absolutely everything.
2. vs 2-3 God has made all things.
3. vs 4 God's light brings life to men.
4. vs 5 Darkness cannot understand the light.

God is the word that brings life to the world.
God is light but the darkness does not understand it.
God is creator, the word, and light to the world.

Living a life were God's truth is penetrating the brokeness in my heart is one of the hardest things to do, but the most freeing. Surrending my life to Jesus letting him guide and direct me has been the first steps to healing. Knowing I can not do one thing on my own, trusting God to be healing and leading me each step of the way. When I try to do life in my own strength it just ends in frustration, but letting God have his way leads to peace everytime. God's word brings hope to the darkness that can so easily take over.

Do I accept God's word as truth in my life?
God is creator of absolutely evething and all belongs to him, but do I really embrace that God is Creator?
Do I try to be creator of my own life instead of letting God have control?
How am I going to surrender and let God have control of my life?
Does God's truth bring light to the darkness in my heart?
Do I comprehend the truth doing work in my heart or do I turn from it?

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