Friday, May 12, 2006

Being a Child - Barefoot in the Rain

Sitting on my bookshelf was a little book from my friend Mari, titled, "Laughter Therapy: A Dose of Humor for the Christian Woman's Heart" by Tina Krause. I picked it and opened it to page 84, here is what I read:

Try this exercise:

Abandon your adult inhibitions and do something fun and spontaneous. Walk barefoot in the rain (and remember to splash in the puddles). Finger paint with a child. Picnic at the park and take along a Frisbee. In a group, share your uninhibited moments of frivolity and discuss the benefits of spontaneity.

Enjoy the fun and laughter that the unexpected brings!

This must be why I love my work in the BSF children's ministry and being the activities director at the care home. I get to be spontaneous, acting silly and no one judges you! Children just go along with the fun, and seniors love it! Today, I was singing with a man who is 94 years old neither of us could carry a tune, but that did not matter, we were having fun!

I was wondering what the seniors would do if I asked them to sing and dance in the rain barefoot? Oh, what a funny thought! However, they do love to sing the song, "Singing in the Rain."

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