Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing There!

I am having one of those mornings (weeks) when a deadline is upon me and as I try to locate words in my mind to fill the blank page there is nothing! I have been writing in my journal and what I can manage to target is a feeling of failure concerning this project. It is strange, failure comes knocking, gets an invitation without me being aware, then in comes procrastination to totally take control...both of the unwanted guests need to leave, so I can meet my deadline of being finished this week. I am scheduled to speak next Sunday...meaning I have no choice my assignment needs to be finished.

My plan: I will pray, and pray some more, then just start to write.

I am rambling.... Hey, but at least I am writing!


Dustin said...

rambling,'s all the same.

carry on :)

robin sloboda said...

Thanks Dustin for the comment I just finished telling Jennifer that if someone acually post a comment I would fall off my chair...well, I did not fall off my chair but I am encouraged to write...thanks for the message, to carry on.