Monday, April 24, 2006

Habits that will Change Your Life

Nine Godly Habits That Will Change Your Life

Spend time regularly with God in prayer and Bible study.

Live with a clear conscience.

Finish what you start.

Strive for excellence in all you do.

Handle criticism in a godly manner.

Be peaceful—avoid strife.

Live by faith, one day at a time.

Live by discernment.

Be a giver.

Insert from Joyce Meyer, check out the whole article it is worth reading.

Reading through this list each of the habits seem simple enough to achieve but realistically without the Holy Spirit convicting, guiding, and leading, it is easy not to do some of the above.

Two of the above habits that have me pondering and praying about are:

"Finish what you start." - It would have been easy to call it quits on my course I am taking over the last three weeks, but God has been working on me to finish well. The commitment is three years and I have 11 more classes to quiting!

Then there is this one: "Handle criticism in a godly manner," I am not doing well in this area, but I know God is working on me. "Sigh" I need to let God work on my sensitive spirit. Only He can.

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