Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another one has caught my attention!

Another snapping, eyeing catching, attention getting, title from MSN!

Last week it was earth day...

This week the one that caught my curiousity, "What kind of listener are you?"

A few samples from the article:

If you...don't pay attention because you thought what the speaker said earlier was dumb, you're judgmental.

If you...become agitated when someone disagrees with or criticizes you, or try to prove your opinion, you're in I'm-always-right mode.

If you...tend to drift off midway through the conversation, or if a statement by the speaker suddenly takes you away from the conversation and back to an old memory, you're dreaming.

If you...take everything you hear and refer it back to a personal experience before the speaker can finish, you're identifying.

Check out the complete article from Canadian living.

I am going to print these off to go over again! Good listening skills are hard to learn.

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