Monday, January 30, 2006

Our God is Awesome

God has been faithful!

I am not one to post much about my life, but it has been along time, since I last posted and feel I need to explain.

First, yes, Mari and I are still prayer walking and we will be teaching on prayer - walking April 1, a followup for Women's Journey of Faith, in Saskatoon.

In December I posted that I had returned to work at the end of November. It was a lean time, and I knew in my heart my family needed me to do something. First, I prayed, prayed some more, then I found a part-time job at M&M Meats for the Christmas season, it was a good way to go back to work. The owner and staff were sweet, and great to work with.

But, God had better plans.

I do like God's way much better and it has bought joy to my heart.

Around December 15, I recieved a call asking me if I would be interested in working at a local care home as an activities director. Well, I have been working at this awesome God job for exactly a month and am loving every moment that I am at the home. Most of the resisdents are between the ages of 85 and 97 years old and have some form of dementia. I leave the care home feeling very loved and that God used me to show love. Amazing. No I am not working at M&M meats, it was hard to leave, but I know I am doing God's will at this time.

Taking on a new role at BSF as children's supervisor January 11, has taken me to new places of being a servant for God. I am learning to be diciplined, obedient, without grumbling and complaining, and letting God work joy into my heart. I love working with the young children and the seniors. I have been given the best of two worlds.

Well, the blessings do not stop here.

God has granted an opportinuity to be involved in a church based program to earn a certifiate in ministry. I am still in shock with all of these new blessings. I am to start this week and have all my texts and all the little details are falling into place.

During this time of blessings mixed with leanness, God is teaching me not to fear, but lean hard and trust Him. I have claimed a verse from Proverbs 31:25 (NLT), “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs with no fear of the future.” No matter how dark the circumstances might seem or how wonderful, I will laugh with no fear of the future, because God is faithful.

Mari and I froze on Friday as we walked the Churchhill area, but God blessed us with a powerful time of intercession. I will be more diciplined with posting prayer thoughts.

Good night...

Tomorrow starts my weekly three day marathon of BSF, carehome, and prayer...

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