Thursday, December 01, 2005

Something New from Japan

Seven Prayerwalking Skills - Victor Morrison

1. Conversational Prayer—praying with others. This type of prayer involves learning to make prayer together with a partner a natural flow of intercession. Build upon what was just said. Be brief. Avoid praying long prayers.
2. Responsive Prayer—praying for what you see. As you walk just allow what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears to give you ideas for praying for that home or on that street.
3. Biblical Prayer—praying with God’s Word. Take a scripture guide or a small bible with you when you go, and glance at it from time to time praying various scriptures for the area.
4. Dynamic Prayer—praying with God’s Spirit. As you walk and pray with an open heart toward God, the Spirit of God may occasionally impress a certain burden upon your heart, or place a certain person or scripture into your mind.
5. Prophetic Prayer—praying blessings. This skill is offering up faith declarations on behalf of the future which are in line with God’s Word. “May this be a place of …”
6. Identificational Prayer—”entering a place of intercession”, as the famous prayer warrior named, Reece Howells used to say. This form of prayer involves mourning and grieving with those for whom we are praying. It is not praying down at them in pride, but praying with them in their pain.
7. Offered (or Contact) Prayer—praying with others. This may be a rare event, but from time to time, prayerwalkers are given the opportunity to stop prayerwalking and to say a brief prayer with a neighbor whom they meet along the way If this happens, avoid using difficult theological terms and just pray using simple words that everyone understands.

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