Thursday, November 17, 2005

Walking Tips

Okay this is way too funny...maybe the next thing I try will be prayer skiwalking check it out!

On a more serious side, since snow is starting to cover Canada, I thought tips on walking in winter would be a good idea. Adapted tips from Peterborough moves.

Winter Walking Tips

1. Plan ahead and give yourself lots of time to get where you are going, don’t rush. ( I need to learn this one!) Walking with God does not have to be done in a hurry.
2. Proceed with caution when walking across a street when cars are hidden from view by snow banks. Watch out for cars that can’t stop at intersections because of ice.
3. Be careful not to slip, if you do and are falling backward, bend your head and back forward as not to hit your head on the pavement.
4. Slippery areas can be tricky, take small steps, and be prepared to fall and roll.
5. Whatever you do don’t take short cuts unless you want to get bogged down by snow! Stay on designated paths or walk on grassy patches if the walkway is icy.
6. Have proper footwear for walking in winter.
7. Do not forget to do warm up exercises after ten minutes of walking.
8. Always watch out for cars when walking on the road, they have more power....

If you have more ideas please add them...

My friend Sarah has a great tip: When walking on ice shuffle and slide. Thank you Sarah for the tip!

Walking tip from Robin:
Have shoes with good tracks on the bottom. Mari, told me about some straps for your runners that help with walking on ice. I need to find a set.

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