Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Something New from Japan

Every Monday I help my friend Glenna, organize prayer requests she recieves from missionaries, the prayer list is called "Friends in Foreign Places." Yesterday, one of the prayer request came with insights on how to pray for people around us.

Victor, Jodi, Elisa and Abby Morrison are missionaries in Japan. I wrote Victor and asked if I could use his prayer insights on this blog, He said, yes! Following is an unedited version of Victor's request. One more thought, hopefully Victor will share more insights in the future and thank you Victor for the encouraging words.


Prayer Starts from John 6-7 by Victor Morrison

This week, I want to give you three categories of people to pray for each day of the week. I know people who fit in each of these categories, but I don’t feel comfortable writing their names over the Internet, so please just pray for these each day, and God will fill in the blanks. The categories all come from some specific impressions I had the other day when I was reading John chapters 6 & 7, so you can open your bible, hit your knees and pray the following. It will only take three minutes per day, but it will change eternity for at least 21 people! Actually, it is my conviction that as you pray through this list, the Spirit of God will probably bring to mind the names and faces of others around you who also fit these profiles, so let’s pray for all of those we know who fit these descriptions.

Your Missionaries to Japan,
Victor, Jodi, Elisa and Abby Morrison
IMB Tokyo

Pray for those who are silent and try to hide their opinion of Him, John 7:13, 50
Pray for those who have been surprised by Him, John 7:14-15
Pray for those who are misunderstanding Him, John 7:19-20, 34-36

Pray for those who are not responding to Him, John 7:26
Pray for those who are opposing Him, John 7:30, 32, 44
Pray for those who are divided over Him, John 7:43

Pray for those who do not believe, John 6:33, 64: 7:5
Pray for those who are afraid of Him, John 6:19
Pray for those who have received Him, John 6:20

Pray for those who complain about Him, John 6:41-43, 61; 7:12
Pray for those who argue over Him, John 6:52
Pray for those who offended by Him, John 6:60-63

Pray for those who have betrayed Him, John 6:64, 70-71
Pray for those who are walking away from Him, John 6:66
Pray for those who are ready to believe in Him, John 6:67-69; 7:31

Pray for those who are interested in Him, John 6:2
Pray for those who serve Him, John 6:8-13
Pray for those who are fascinated by Him, John 6:14-15

Pray for those who are challenged by Him, John 6:60
Pray for those who try to manipulate or control Him, John 6:15; 7:3-10
Pray for those who are searching for Him, John 7:11

Prayer Tip from Robin:
You could use these prayer incentives on your prayer walk. Ask Jesus to lead you in prayer for people he has laid on your heart.

"And foreigners who bind themselves to the Lord to serve him, to love the name of the Lord, and to worship Him, all who keep the Sabbath without desecrating it and who hold fast to my covenant-these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer." Isaiah 56:6 Victor this is my prayer for you today! "JOY!"

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