Monday, November 07, 2005

New Turn

Over the last ten month's prayer walking has been a main focus, and it still remains a main theme in my life. My friend Mari and I have committed to walking each community in our city claiming God's word and asking God to call forth others to birth small prayer groups to cover the communities in prayer.

Walking with Yeshua was started to log my journey as a prayer walker. My desire is to continue using this log to journal this journey and to use it to motivate others.

A few weeks ago, Mari and I did a Jericho walk around Walter Murray, a local high school. It was the most amazing prayer adventure to date. Praise and worship filled most of the time, but spiritual warfare for the souls of these teens was heavy upon our spirits.

I love to hear your journey in prayer please leave comments.

May this log continue to bring Glory to Jesus as I continue to walk with HIM.

© Robin Sloboda, November 08, 2005

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