Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a funny thing!

I fell asleep during Wednesday night prayer!

I heard everyone praying, but my mind was resting in thoughts of heaven, and my mouth would not and could not utter a word. This reminds me of quote I read once, that it is better to fall asleep on the breast of Christ then not to have gone there at all. I actually felt warm, loved, and content... Too Funny!

One more thought: Snow has finally come to Saskatchewan, and I am going to be committed to prayer walking all winter, especially with Mari. It was lovely outside tonight, the snow was lightly falling, and the light from the street lights reflected off the snow bringing a glow to the darkness. Even in the black of night the presence of God was all around. I think prayer walking is becoming a habit I like!


Jodi Lee Kozan said...

HI Robin- LOVE you new look for this blog spot. PRayer walking is an awesome concept and I am excited for this "movement" to catch on more and more in our faith communities. BLESS you- I will try and figure out how to add your blog to my site as well! Women in contact with Women's Journey of Faith should have a connection to this blog as we will feature it at our :Sharing the Journey seminar April 1st...
HOW fun. Looking forward to it!

robin sloboda said...

Thank you Jodi for leaving a comment. Words of encouragement are always welcomed and having no counter at the moment, your comment helps me to know that maybe someone is reading the post.

I look forward to how God is going to use prayer walking in our city and what is going to happen in April with the follow up...amazing how God works.

Love to you Jodi...

robin sloboda said...

A thought on "movement."

Prayer walking is nothing new, however God is touching hearts to take prayer out of our comfortable prayer closets out into His world.

Thank You Father for pouring out Your spirit upon the hearts of Your people to be praying without ceasing.