Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pray for those Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Please join with thousands of Christians across the nation in praying
for those whose lives and property have been devastated by Hurricane

Please pray as follows:

* Pray that any individuals who are in life-threatening
situations will be discovered and helped.

* Pray that the available rescue squads and medical teams
will be sent out strategically by dispatchers who will wisely discern
the urgency of requests received.

* Pray for emotional and physical stamina and strength for
first responders; pray that the various relief organizations will
coordinate their efforts to maximize their resources.

* Pray for adequate workers, food and supplies to meet the
needs of those who evacuated.

* Pray that God will encourage and comfort the devastated who
have no hope.

* Pray that Christians in the affected areas will express the
love of Christ by caring and sharing with those they come in contact
with on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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