Wednesday, June 29, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

Tonight I am facilitating a prayer walk. Considering the rainy weather out side I am not sure if it will take place, if not we will pray inside as usual. Here are some thoughts on prayer walking with a group.

How to Prayer Walk

1. Form a Team

YouÂ’ll be most effective in groups of two (or three if necessary).
2. Find a Territory
You will be given a map of a specific neighborhood. You may need to drive to the area you will be walking, as you drive you can pray for the community/city. As you approach this area with sensitivity and wisdom, youÂ’ll discover the best way to cover it with prayer.
3. Follow a Topic
Get your prayers rolling by praying along with scripture. Begin with the truths of Psalm 23 in this pamphlet or any other biblical promise that will help you pray with hope and blessing. DonÂ’t carry heavy Bibles. Carry a sheet or small portions of scriptures, and a pencil to record anything that stood out to share with the group later.
4. Finish with a Talk
After youÂ’re finished, talk about it. What prayers should be prayed again? When and where will you prayer walk next? How should you watch for GodÂ’s answers and bring the good news? What acts of kindness or service is God giving you to do? How can you bring this kind of praying into your ongoing work in your home city?

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