Tuesday, June 14, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

Today will be a quiet day spending time in God's presence and loving family. I had places to go today, but being quiet at home is taking priority. This summer will be a quiet one. Over the last few days I have been waking up with a headache. I never have headaches unless something is wrong. So...rest is in order. I will take a prayer walk later today.

Lani my flowerlady friend has inspired me to take a fast this week. I need to seek God if I am to take a full fast for a few days or just stay away from certain foods. I think I am leaning towards a full fast. Check out watchmen for the nations for devotional thoughts during this call to fast.

I have been disciplined over the last month concerning walking everyday and journaling. God thank you for teaching me to hang on, and let you lead.

I left my home crying tonight with the many different burdens there are to carry at this time. As I go out and talk with God concerning all that is going on, he really does comfort my soul. I was angry tonight at someone and the word forgive flooded my heart. God knows how it feels to be rejected and hurt by anothers words. My prayer went from Oh God I do not like that person, to God help me to forgive. He always gives me the love covering I need to let go and let Him lead.


carebear said...

Who are you? Are you freinds with Lani? Do I know you???

robin sloboda said...

Hello Carebear,

I do not think we know each other. I ran into Lani's webpage and realized I knew Kelly from a prayer meeting in Edmonton.

I enjoy reading her blog. I do live in Saskatoon so we are in the same city.

Hope you don't mind me popping onto your site...


carebear said...

not at all! Come see me anytime on my blog. Your comments are encouraging and uplifting. Be blessed and maybe we'll meet someday!