Wednesday, June 29, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

Yes, I have already posted once today concerning prayer walking, however I felt I needed to post once again. I do not know if anyone reads my postings, but it feels great to write on how this journey has been going, what I have learned, and how it has affected my walk with God. Discipline and self-control have been the two things that are being tweaked in my character. The more disciplined I have been about going out and spending time with God, the closer I have become and feel towards God. Like God's word tells us, draw near to God and He will draw near to you. This is what happens.

Tonight, I am having a trial run at prayer walking before I leave for Cochrane on Sunday. Last week, one of the pastors at the church my husband and I have been attending, asked if I would consider leading as he would be out of town. Well, here I am Wednesday evening, it is raining outside, not sure if the walking will still go ahead, and the possiblity of leading the group in prayer is on the horizon. God thank goodness you are leading and are with me. LOL Hopefully the Holy Spirit will release all that I have learned...LOL

I know I am still laughing. God has such a humorous way of teaching me, just jump! Oh, I am jumping... and might end up a fool for God.

Robin is rambling on...

I was reading a quote from Randy Sprinkle that the people who walked with God in the old testment were rare, but when the chosen ones did walk with God, it was a closest intimate relationship that the divine and a human could have. I desire to have that kind of relationship... wouldn't it be cool to be like Enoch... and just go from earth to heaven... just walking...oh time to be quiet.


Marci said...

Hi Robin. just clicked in here from your intro at Devocourse 4. Nice job. :)
I've been trying to blog a bit too - one for just whatever, and another for writers.
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check them out.

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