Friday, June 10, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

I found an Orientation Guide by Dan R. Crawford that is the beginning of his co-authored book, "Prayer Walking". Note: You do need Adope Reader 7.0 to open the file for the orientation guide.

Dan R. Crawford describes a prayer walker as a rock mover, rock moving he states is the job of an intercessor. When we are walking on site we are given a privilege of walking among the rocks.

He also recommends that we have balance in our prayer journeys, time spent in our prayer closets and time walking among the rocks, (I love this analogy).

I am feeling overwhelmed today with the thought of teaching a class on this topic. I pray God will grant to me clarity and boldness as I step out in obedience. I am more of the facilitator researcher type, then actually teaching. I am stepping out of comfort zone on this one.

The sun is trying to shine this morning, oh, how I have missed sunny mornings. Thank you Lord for this day, open my eyes to see what You see, and grant to me a heart to pray.

Now to continue on this journey of prayer...I will post more thoughts later.

Check out this flash movie on comfort. I really like this new website I found.

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