Saturday, June 04, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

I took 64 pictures...can you believe it!

I was having such a great time being a child of God's today. My new runners are rather dirty, but that is what they are for...walking. My kids think I am different/strange posting my pictures, but I feel if you are open to see it, there is beauty all around even on the prairies. My favorite place to walk is along the river (South Saskatchewan). There are many different trails that are along the banks, some straight and narrow, some steep and dangerous.

Hope you enjoyed pictures from my prayer walk.

P.S My husband asked me not to post pictures of myself or our family (I will honor this request), but he never told me not to post a picture of my feet. LOL

My husband can't believe I took pictures as he put it of nothing...As mentioned I found the walk full of beauty.

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