Sunday, April 10, 2005

Walking with Jesus

I decided in 1994 to follow Jesus with all my heart, mind, and body. It was not easy then, and it still is not easy. I have noticed the longer I walk with Christ, if I am not alert and intentional about surrendering daily to Him, it is easy to let the world take over or even let my selfish desires take the place of totally following Jesus. Walking with Yeshua will be home to gleanings I gather, as I walk trying to follow Jesus.


Anonymous said...


Neat site!

I have a curious question. Your Blog site uses the name "Yeshua", yet in your blog you freely call him by his Greek name "Jesus".

Not many people use both names interchangalbly. What would you say to someone who insists on using one name or the other but not both?

Curiously yours,


robin sloboda said...

Thank you Pearl for your comment. Wow, I have a comment! First one, again thank you.

I was noticing I did use both names. I mentioned I am learning daily to follow Jesus/Yeshua. I am learning much about His Kingdom, His teachings, etc. Like most areas in my life learning new names for someone takes a bit of getting use to. I have always called my Lord, Jesus, but have been trying to call Him Yeshua. Searching the Hebrews roots of Christianity has been an interesting journey, some of my findings have caused me to question many traditional routines why I do what I do...

Thank you for asking me this question, it has challanged me to think. I do have friends on both sides some who only use Yeshua and some who use Jesus.

robin sloboda said...

One more thought on why am I using both Yeshua and Jesus. Walking with Jesus was not available for a blog title.