Monday, May 17, 2010

"I will Never!"

Picture from Simple Living

"I will never"...were the words that flooded my mind when I first thought of the idea of actually speaking on a Sunday morning in my Church.

First, I really never thought I would be asked. Secondly, I did not believe I could actually speak without throwing up or completely shaking in my shoes or shuddering uncontrollably. Thirdly, I did not believe I would have anything to say that someone would want to listen to.

Well, I have learned not to say, "I will never!"

I was completely wrong about all three of my assumptions. I was asked to speak for the seniors Sunday on May 16, it was totally appropriate considering I am on staff and the director for seniors ministry in my church.

Secondly, I did not even feel like throwing up and I hardly shook at all. God has really been revealing to me that I have nothing to fear except for Him. Fear of man can paralyze a persons soul stopping them from being authentic and real. It does not matter what others believe or think, it matters that I am who God has created me to be, that He is always my first focus, that I follow His path by His Spirit, and that I write/speak what is on my heart.

Thirdly, from what I can figure out, no one went to sleep as I spoke. I have had that happen numerous times at the Caleb Chapel in the seniors home, so I am used to it if it does happen.

A few lessons learned from this speaking experience: God is faithful, and the gift of peace was constant through this experience. Little sayings came my way to keep me focused, like: "When you doubt yourself, you are really doubting God." "Learn to be who you are, don't try to become who you are not." "Enjoy the journey!" (All are my paraphrase.)

What do you believe will never transpire in your life? A word of warning it just might transpire when you least expect it!

Note: As my previous post have mentioned, life has been rather full and writing online was not an option or indulgence I could take pleasure in. Today, is the first day I did not have a deadline to meet or a paper to write! It was good to indulge myself in an hour of creative writing! It is a desire to spend more moments over the summer taking time to indulge myself.

Love Robin