Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nicol Sponberg - Resurrection


The Picture below was taken about ten days ago at my favorite prayer place. It was absolutely beautiful outside, with the changing of seasons, and the sky was clear blue. Today, it rained all day, gloom and darkness all around. Fall. It brings change.

My life like the seasons is in a fall--circumstances toss me...on to my knees...longing for redemption and the grace to stand until spring returns. Things needed to fall, and fall they did.

Thy Kingdom come, they will be done.


Sitting still,
bible on my lap
commotion all around
drapes pulled
a voice breaks the silence
with words



what an awful sounding word,
is it used to describe a horror movie?

what in the world could it mean?

Contemplating meanings behind cruel words
left my soul bleeding with no blood to be seen.

A boxed label,
a human being,
who has a name.

how low has humanity come?

My child has a name,
is what I wanted to say,
my CHILD has a name!!!

that test human worth
through my mind.

pillcutter needs to change to Child of God.

October 8, 2008 RS

a Resurrection video