Sunday, March 30, 2008

Camino de Santiago

It is a dream to travel to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago...everywhere I look I notice pilgrims preparing for the is like when you are pregnant you notice all the pregnant women...It is rather strange. I saw a man with his walking stick, backpack, hiking boots, just walking down my street...I just know he is preparing...

I may not ever go to Spain but I know this journey I am on now is one that is preparing and is one that takes discipline and courage...I never know what God might bring my way. I believe it is that way for all of us when we follow Christ. is time to say good-night and dream about my pilgrimage to Spain.

My journey--towards the way

I heard it said,

“the way is made by walking…”

a pilgrimage…

My question

do I travel to Spain
to join others who travel
or am I traveling the path
already as I daily follow
an ancient call to obey?

I am a pilgrim walking the way.